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February 19th, 2020 - February 25th, 2020

at Barbur

Alter Eco Org Chocolates - asst 2.8 oz
Special: 2 for $5
Regular Price: 4.29/ea.

Daiya Cheesecakes - asst 14 oz
Special: 6.99/ea.
Regular Price: 8.99/ea.

Talenti Gelato - asst pints
Special: 4.49/ea.
Regular Price: 5.99/ea.

Crofter's Organic Fruit Spreads - asst 10 oz
Special: 2.99/ea.
Regular Price: 4.29/ea.

Organic Celery Loose & Bunches
Special: .99/lb.
Regular Price: 1.99/lb.

Organic Broccoli
Special: 1.79/lb.
Regular Price: 3.99/lb.

Organic Mini Sweet Peppers - 1 lb
Special: 2.99/ea.
Regular Price: 4.99/ea.

Special: 1.49/lb.
Regular Price: 1.99/lb.

Organic Asparagus
Special: 4.99/lb.
Regular Price: 7.99/lb.

Mary's Whole Fryer Chicken
Special: 5.99/ea.
Regular Price: 2.99/lb.

Beef Top Sirloin
Special: 9.99/lb.
Regular Price: 10.99/lb.

Tri-Tip Beef Roast
Special: 8.99/lb.
Regular Price: 9.99/lb.

Pork Shoulder Roast
Special: 2.99/lb.
Regular Price: 3.99/lb.

Carlton Bacon
Special: 7.99/lb.
Regular Price: 8.99/lb.

Smoked Ham Hock
Special: 1.99/lb.
Regular Price: 3.99/lb.

Raw Jumbo Shrimp
Special: 12.99/lb.
Regular Price: 14.99/lb.

Special: 16.99/lb.
Regular Price: 18.99/lb.

Special: 23.99/lb.
Regular Price: 26.99/lb.

Sao Jorge
Special: 18.99/lb.
Regular Price: 21.99/lb.

Sartori Bellavitano Balsalmic
Special: 14.49/lb.
Regular Price: 15.49/lb.

Rouzaire Brie De Nangis
Special: 14.49/lb.
Regular Price: 17.49/lb.

Beecher's Yule Käse
Special: 24.99/lb.
Regular Price: 29.99/lb.

Somerdale Il Truffelino
Special: 19.99/lb.
Regular Price: 23.99/lb.

Vermont Creamery Cremont - 5 oz
Special: 7.99/ea.
Regular Price: 9.99/ea.

New West Ciders - asst 16 fl oz
Special: 2.99/ea.
Regular Price: 3.49/ea.

Les Tetes Red - 750 ml
Special: 17.99/ea.
Regular Price: 18.99/ea.