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July 17th, 2019 - July 23rd, 2019

at Barbur

Sauvie Island Coffee - asst 12 oz
Special: 12.99/ea.
Regular Price: 13.99/ea.

Mary's Gone Crackers Organic Original - 6.5 oz
Special: 5.49/ea.
Regular Price: 5.99/ea.

Spindrift Sparkling Water - asst 8 pk
Special: 7.99 - 10.99/ea.
Regular Price: 8.99 - 12.49/ea.

Kerrygold Cheese Slices or Shreds - asst 7 oz
Special: 4.49/ea.
Regular Price: 4.99/ea.

Dr. Praeger's Veggie Burgers - asst 10 oz
Special: 3.99/ea.
Regular Price: 4.99/ea.

Special: 1.99/ea.
Regular Price: 2.99/ea.

Special: 1.49/ea.
Regular Price: 1.99/ea.

NW Yellow Corn
Special: 2 for $1
Regular Price: .99/ea.

Boneless Pork Shoulder
Special: 2.99/lb.
Regular Price: 3.99/lb.

Porketta Roast
Special: 3.49/lb.
Regular Price: 4.49/lb.

Halal Grass Fed Ground Beef
Special: 5.99/lb.
Regular Price: 6.99/lb.

80/20% Ground Beef
Special: 3.99/lb.
Regular Price: 4.99/lb.

93/7% Ground Beef
Special: 4.99/lb.
Regular Price: 5.99/lb.

Halal Grass Fed Beef Ribeye
Special: 11.99/lb.
Regular Price: 14.99/lb.

Halal Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast
Special: 2.99/lb.
Regular Price: 3.99/lb.

Columbia River Steelhead
Special: 10.99/lb.
Regular Price: 12.99/lb.

Tilapia Fillet
Special: 5.99/lb.
Regular Price: 7.99/lb.

Jasper Hills Alpha Tolman
Special: 16.99/lb.
Regular Price: 18.99/lb.

AmaBlu Cave Aged
Special: 8.99/lb.
Regular Price: 10.99/lb.

Foncalieu Pique Poul Rosé - 750 ml
Special: 13.99/ea.
Regular Price: 14.99/ea.

Ex Novo Beers - asst
Special: 10% off!
Regular Price: 3.99 - 10.99/ea.